Test Optional Colleges

  • As of mid September 2020, almost 1600 colleges and universities have moved to a test optional policy for the high school class of 2021. That means that over two-thirds of four-year higher education institutions will not require applicants to submit score reports from the SAT and/or ACT to be considered for fall 2021 admission. This is a trend that may very well continue past this year.

    A September 10th press release on the FairTest website provides a helpful outline of this trend and gives students access to a database of colleges and universities and their testing policies.

    For those students determined to complete an SAT or ACT this fall, the options for testing sites are significantly limited. Many testing sites are at public high schools which may be closed or restricted based on safety concerns which limit available space and capacity, and established guidelines at the district, local, and/or state level. While Amesbury High School is not a testing site for the SAT and ACT, in past years we have administered the PSAT on the national test date in mid-October. Due to coronavirus safety protocols and space limitations, we have postponed any standardized testing in the school building until further notice. We will continually evaluate our situation in line with updated information on federal, state, and local, and district safety guidelines and any additional testing options offered by the College Board (SAT) and ACT.