The Driver Education Components

  • The Driver Education course has two components: THEORY and LAB 

    THEORY : Driver Education Theory includes over 30 hours of classroom instruction. Successfully completing the theory portion of driver education satisfies Our School's and the State's graduation requirement. Image of an Apple on 3 books

    LAB : Driver Education Lab meets on non‐theory days and consists of 12+ hours of driving simulators; 3+ hours of behind‐the‐wheel training in a standard passenger vehicle. Enrollment in driver education lab and successful completion of both the simulator and behind‐the‐wheel components is required for Illinois licensing of teens 16 and 17 years of age. Driver Education lab is not required for graduation. 

    Our School's driver education students are eligible to participate in the Cooperative Driver Testing Program : To learn more about this in‐house licensing test and program requirements. TBD 

    THEORY ONLY : Our School offers Theory Only enrollment. Approval by the department chair, Jason Boumstein, is required prior to enrollment. Please contact the student's advisor who will schedule the enrollment. Students fulfill the Our School graduation requirement upon successful completion of the class. Theory Only is graded as pass/fail. An instructional permit application will not be provided. There is no student fee for Theory Only class. 

    LAB ONLY: Our School does not offer Lab Only enrollment with one exception. If a student successfully completes Theory Only (classroom instruction) at Our School, the student can re‐enroll in the class and take it as Lab Only. Approval by the department chair, Jason Boumstein, is required. The student must enroll in Driver Education for a second time. There is a student fee for Lab Only class. 

    Additional Resources: Please visit this page to review addition information concerning class requirements as well state info. 

    To download the Illinois Rules of the Road, please click this link.

Class Information