• Amesbury High School Mission Statement

    Values, Beliefs and Learning Expectations

    Beliefs on Learning Narrative

    Amesbury High School is committed to inspiring all its students to become problem solvers who take responsibility for themselves and their learning. Encouraging this journey toward excellence, the AHS community works together to model integrity, acceptance, collaboration, and respect. School pride permeates the culture of AHS through time-tested traditions blended with student-driven innovations and initiatives.

    Core Values on Learning

    Respect for Individuality
    Academic Excellence
    Problem Solving

    21st Century Learning Expectations

    Students will:

    1. Problem solve by interpreting, evaluating, and implementing solutions.
    2. Communicate effectively in written, oral, and visual forms.
    3. Demonstrate appropriate use and application of media/technology.
    4. Access, comprehend, analyze, and interpret information.


    1. Collaborate effectively in a variety of roles within the school community.
    2. Make positive contributions in their community.


    1. Demonstrate civic responsibility by advocating for positive change.