• What will the schedule look like for Remote Learning?

     This year, students are expected to "attend" school for a full day. As you can see, each class is scheduled to meet "live" or synchronously except for Wednesday. On Wednesdays, teachers will assign work for students to complete asynchronously. In addition, teachers will have scheduled meeting times during Wednesday mornings with students to provide support and check-in on progress. 

     What do you mean by synchronous and asynchronous learning?

    Synchronous learning is “live” learning. This is when you attend Google Meets and actively
    work with your teachers and classmates in real time. Asynchronous learning happens outside
    of your “live” learning windows, but it is a bridge to your synchronous learning. This learning is
    done more independently. It is used to reinforce what you’ve learned and/or introduce new
    topics. Our remote plan will combine both synchronous learning (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
    and Friday) and asynchronous learning (Wednesday). Students are expected to participate in
    all synchronous and asynchronous assignments and meetings.

      Please see schedule below