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    Mark Casto


    Welcome to Mr. Casto's website.

    Courses Taught: 


    Meteorology (Elective) (CP) - Oceanography (Elective) (CP) - Geology (Elective) (CP)

    Biology A, B, C (CP and Honors) - Chemistry A, B, C  (CP and Honors)

                                                                                                               -- Background Information --


    Teaching Experience : 17 years (10 years @ Amesbury High School)

    Undergraduate Degree:  Northeastern University, Boston, MA   

    Bachelor of Science :  Environmental Geology

    Graduate Degree:  LeMoyne College, Syracuse,  NY   

    Master's in Secondary Education

    Continued Education (post graduate):  Plymouth St. / SUNY Brockport                      

    Courses in Weather Forecasting, Climate, Water in the Earth System



    Grant Funded Summer Experiences: (2003, 2004, 2006, 2009)                                     

    Northeastern University - Research Experience for Teachers

    2003 Civil Engineering @ Northeastern University (NSF Grant)                                               

    DNAPL's Recognition in Contaminated Sites Using Cross-Well Radar

    2004 Mechanical Engineering @ Northeastern University (NSF Grant)                            

    Fiberglass Reinforced Epoxy

    2006 Plastic Injection Molding @ UMASS Lowell (CHN Grant)                                                 

    Injection Modeled Nano Structures

    2009-2010 Civil & Environ. Engineering @ Northeastern University                                            

    (Homeland Security Grant / NSF Grant )

    Progressive Collapse of Reinforced Concrete Structures