• Student at desk Welcome to the AHS Guidance Center

    The function of the Guidance Center is to assist students in gaining the maximum benefit from their experiences through counseling and guidance, in relationship to their academic and personal needs. The counselor’s role is characterized by understanding, acceptance, and empathy with the students in order to aid in their emotional and educational growth. Guidance counseling is an integral part of the school community, covering key topics such as personal concerns and needs, academic counseling, career information, and educational and job placement.

    Throughout the school year, the Guidance Center has resource materials available for students to explore potential occupations as well as options for higher education. Representatives from trade schools, technical schools, business schools, nursing schools, junior colleges, and four year colleges will be scheduled in the fall to speak with interested students at mini-fairs which are held in the high school foyer.

    Guidance Office Staff

    Guidance Department Head
    Susan Saurman susan.saurman@amesburyma.org
    Guidance Counselor Kerri Coen kerri.coen@amesburyma.org
    Guidance Counselor Matthew Sydow matthew.sydow@amesburyma.org
    Adjustment Counselor Rachael Dobbs rachael.dobbs@amesburyma.org
    Adjustment Counselor Cara Sullivan cara.sullivan@amesburyma.org
    Administrative Assistant Gwendolyn Foley gwendolyn.foley@amesburyma.org